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Catch up on emails from 200 services while standing in the queue at Starbucks

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We respect your privacy. No storing of passwords outside of your iPhone. Direct connection from app to email provider.

A read-only email app that helps you lighten your inbox

Lighten your inbox

Pigeonal delivers email from services and products you're most interested in for those moments you just want to keep abreast of email without getting pulled into it.

Pre-installed services

There are over two hundred popular web services to toggle off/on to suit your needs. Your most recent emails will be collected and re-arranged into pigeonholes matching these services so you can easily access emails from those that are most important to you.

Add custom services

In addition to the pre-installed services you can add your own. Simply add a whole email domain or individual email addresses. If there's a service you think we should add to the bundled list let us know via support​@​pigeonal.com


Pigeonal 1.0 works with IMAP accounts from Gmail and Apple's @me.com & @mac.com (Mobile Me/iCloud). Add as many of these accounts as you wish to get one unified pigeonhole view.

No reply or forward?

Yes exactly! Pigeonal is intentionally built without the ability to reply or forward email. It's not designed to be a replacement email client, it's designed for reading email in-between desktop email sessions.

Archive or follow-up

If you find you need to take action on an email you can flag it and it will be moved to a follow-up folder in your account that you can later access in your regular email client. You can also mark emails for archiving.


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You can also reach us at support@pigeonal.com